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SAGOS-Engineering was founded in March 2019. It sees itself as an engineering service provider that has established its focus in the field of welding, materials, special purpose machinery manufacture and also as a witness expert. Founder DI (FH) Georg Kirov MSc, is a welding engineer and brings 10 years of experience in the research area of light metals and joining technology into the company.

In order to be “state of the art” in all these areas, SAGOS-Engineering has concluded a wide variety of collaborations with research institutions, universities and industrial partners. This cooperation ensures that SAGOS engineering has access to the latest testing machines and testing methods such as scanning electron microscope, computer tomography and much more.

One of its closest collaborations is with the special machine builder IAG in Weikersdorf, Lower Austria. This cooperation brings together the competencies from special machine construction, automation, and welding technology which enables us to handle complex inquiries from the area of welding automation for new production lines.

Engineering is seen as a complex world. Our motivation is to bring solutions that are simple and easy to understand for our customers.


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