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Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering

Welded structures are divided into different hazard classes. The planning and design of these welded constructions require special knowledge. By being qualified as an International Welding Engineer (IWE), we can advise and protect you against any kind of risk in the area of welding technology.

The costs for an employed welding supervisor are usually very high. By outsourcing this activity to an external welding engineer, you can hire these services only when you need them. We can organize these processes in a short and cost-efficient way.

SAGOS-Engineering offers support in planning, implementation, coordination, and control of small and large projects at national and international level. It specializes in vehicle, machine, industrial plant, and power plant construction.

Throughout the years, projects go through different stages which can lead to unexpected challenges. We can recognize the dangers that can cause a project to fail early and propose appropriate measures. Therefore, we would like to reassure the success of your project. Many years of experience in the field of funded research allow us to support you in the complex area of obtaining financial funding. Applications for financial funding and communication with governmental sponsors is our specialty.

Scope of services includes:

  • Extensive technical knowledge on welding supervision according to EN ISO 14731

  • Creation of welding instructions WPS

  • Consulting and support in the field of aluminum and steel welding

  • Appointment as an independent third party to ensure quality management

  • Planning, implementation, coordination, and controlling of small and larger scale projects as a project leader

Material Engineering and Individual Solutions

Material Engineering and

Individual Solutions

“The right material in the right place!” Lightweight construction is a key issue when it comes to achieving the required EU CO2 limits. Not only in lightweight construction but also in other areas, the selection of suitable material is of great importance. Materials demand the most diverse requirements such as strength, corrosion behaviour, availability, etc.

Often an existing material in a construction has to be replaced by a new material. By using a material compatible construction, lighter and cheaper parts can be produced. SAGOS-Engineering offers support in the selection of suitable materials as well as in their construction in order to fully exploit the performance potential of the components. To minimize costly and time-consuming testing in the development phase, we use numerical simulations in the static as well as in the dynamic (crash) range.

Are you looking for solutions for your application for which there are no standards? We offer support in finding the best solution based on selected procedures and proof of feasibility. Through years of experience in research and testing, where proof of feasibility is imperative, we are able to come up with special solutions to create processes to deliver the desired results. We cooperate closely with research and testing institutes, enabling us to cover a wide range of tests.

Scope of services includes:

  • Designing of material-based constructions

  • Static and dynamic simulation of material-based constructions

  • Designing and implementation of testing concepts to investigate the achievement potential of the prototypes



Manufacture of special purpose machinery

Manufacture of special

purpose machinery

In cooperation with IAG, SAGOS-Engineering offers complete production solutions in the field of welding automation and laser processing (including laser cleaning, laser structuring, and 3D laser cutting). IAG brings in decades of expertise as a specialty machine builder and supplier of fully automated assembly and production systems, and as a manufacturer of customized solutions. They have had numerous projects in the automotive supply sector, for example, systems for the production of brake pads, and in the civil sector, snow machine systems. The cooperation between IAG and SAGOS-Engineering brings together the skills of special machine construction and welding automation.

The increasing degree in automation of welding lines and construction requires precision at a very high speed. Ever shorter cycle times are being strived for in the manufacturing of components. The integration of solution-oriented welding technologies and the use of modern laser technology allows a wide range of applications for the development of customer-specific assembly and production lines. One of the main strengths of laser technology is its broad application which ranges from welding, 3D cutting, cleaning, structuring to polishing. In addition, the demands on the flexibility of welding systems are on the increase in order to be able to carry out many different welding tasks with different numbers of pieces in one system.

We also offer solutions for standard welding processes in the field of MIG MAG and plasma technology customized to the needs of our customers.

We will help you with preliminary tests and feasibility studies to find the right solutions for your production requirements and offer complete production solutions in the field of welding automation and laser processing (including laser cleaning, laser structuring, and 3D laser cutting). IAG and SAGOS-Engineering will help to bring your production up-to-date with the latest technology so that you are equipped for the future of digitization and high automation, allowing you to be competitive in the market.


Scope of services includes:

  • Consulting on your welding tasks

  • Planning and construction of entire production lines

  • Integration of new welding technologies in existing constructions

  • Retrofitting existing systems to the state of the art

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

According to the Austrian engineering rules (consulting engineer) and the trade code § 134 of Austria as well as the additional authorization as "Qualification of Judicially Certified Expert Witness", we create private expert reports as well as judicially appointed expert reports in the relevant specialist areas.

Our company works closely with testing laboratories, universities, and technical colleges to cover all the different areas based on the required tests. We help determine the causes of damage in the area of material testing, component failure, and any type of connection failure, e.g. gluing, riveting, or welding. All expert reports are considered and analysed on the basis of the relevant standards and guidelines in order to provide you with precise information.

We also offer process-dependent material testing to support you in optimizing the material or component properties.

Scope of services includes:

  • Generation of private reports in the following areas:

    • Determining the damage on the different components made of metallic materials

    • Determining the damage in their joint connections

    • Metallurgical investigations

  • Generation of expert opinions commissioned by the courts of Austria in the specialty areas of:

    • 57.11 Aluminum goods for the manufacture and use of cast and kneaded materials

    • 57.15 Other metal goods for the production and use of cast and wrought materials for magnesium alloys

    • 57.35 Metal forming, metal connections for mechanical joining, punch riveting and gluing of mechanical materials

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